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OLI Shell Turbo T 46
OLI Shell Turbo T 46
OLI Shell Turbo T 46
OLI Shell Turbo T 46
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Kami menjual Oli Turbin Shell Turbo T 46,

SHELL Turbo T 46 – Pail

SHELL Turbo T 46 has been developed to offer improved performance capable of meeting the demands of the most modern steam turbine systems and light duty gas turbines, which require no enhanced anti-wear performance for the gearbox. Formulated with high quality hydrotreated base oils and a combination of zinc-free additives provide excellent oxidative stability, protection against rust & corrosion, low foaming and excellent demulsibility.

Product Specifications

Product NameProduct DescriptionViscosity,
mm2/s AT
(40°C | 100°)
Shell Turbo T 32High-performance steam turbine oil32 | 5.45
Shell Turbo T 46High-performance steam turbine oil46 | 6.9
Shell Turbo T 68High-performance steam turbine oil68 | 8.95
Shell Turbo T 100High-performance steam turbine oil100 | 11.7

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