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Shell Omala S2 GX 68
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Shell Omala S2 GX 68


Shell Omala S2 GX 68

Shell Omala S2 GX 68 

Industrial Gear Oils

Shell Omala S2 GX 68 main applications:

  • Enclosed industrial gear systems
  • Shell Omala S2 GX technology provides an effective extreme pressure (EP) formulation designed specifically for enclosed industrial gearboxes using steel-on-steel, spur, helical, or planetary gear drives, including highly loaded systems with splash or forced circulation systems. Shell Omala S2 GX oils are also suitable for the lubrication of non-geared applications, that include bearings and other steel-on-steel components with splash or forced circulation systems.
  • Other applications
  • Shell offers a wide range of products for other gear applications that have their own specific requirements.

For geared systems, or other applications that employ a filtration unit finer than 5 microns, please consult your Shell Local Technical Advisor and Product Application Specialist before using Shell Omala S2 GX 68.

Shell Omala S2 GX 68 oils are high quality extreme-pressure (EP) oils designed primarily for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gearboxes. Their high load carrying capacity, protection against micropitting and compatibility with seals and paints, combine to offer excellent performance in enclosed gear applications.

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