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OLI Agip Sigma Turbo 15W-40
OLI Agip Sigma Turbo 15W-40
OLI Agip Sigma Turbo 15W-40
OLI Agip Sigma Turbo 15W-40
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Kami menjual oli dan pelumas Agip Sigma Turbo 15W-40,

AGIP SIGMA TURBO is a long-drain multigrade oil (S.H.P.D.) for supercharged diesel engines operating under severe duty. The oil can also be used in normally-aspirated diesel engines installed in vehicles engaged on urban and short-haul goods and passenger service, as well as in supercharged diesel car engines, providing a very wide quality margin. It permits long oil drain intervals.

CHARACTERISTICS (TYPICAL FIGURES) AGIP SIGMA TURBO SAE Grade 15W-40 Viscosity at 100°C mm²/s 13,7 Viscosity at 40°C mm²/s 100 Viscosity at –15°C mPa.s 3300 Viscosity Index - 138 Flash Point COC °C 230 Pour Point °C -27 Mass Density at 15°C kg/l 0,885

PROPERTIES AND PERFORMANCE  The product exhibits marked resistance to deterioration, especially from oxidation which can be caused by prolonged high-temperature operation in the presence of air and other agents.  The superior quality of the base stock used and the large percentage of additives adopted permit very long life between oil drains. Some manufacturers approve double the normal oil-service periods when AGIP SIGMA TURBO is used in their normally-aspirated and supercharged diesel engines.  The multigrade properties of this oil make it suitable for use in all ambient temperature conditions.  Its detergent-dispersant properties, combined with its very high, long-lasting ability to neutralize acidic products of combustion, keep pistons exceptionally clean, while solid combustion products are held in suspension, thus preventing the formation of harmful crankcase deposits.  Its antioxidant, antirust and antiwear properties are designed for heavy duty service and to ensure very long oil-drain intervals Oxidation is effectively minimized, thus preventing viscosity variations. All the metal parts of the engine are protected in this way and wear is reduced, ensuring maximum engine efficiency throughout its life.

SPECIFICATIONS AGIP SIGMA TURBO is officially approved or meets the requirements of the following services and specifications: - ACEA E3 - API Service CG-4/SG - CAT TO-2 - CCMC D5, PD-2 - DEUTZ DQC-II 05 - DEUTZ DQC-IV 05 level - ISOTTA FRASCHINI - MACK EO-L - MAN M 3275 - Mercedes Benz 228.3 - MTU typ 2 - US Department of the Army MIL-L-2104 E - US Department of the Army MIL-L-46152 E - VOLVO VDS2 - ZF TE-ML-04 C


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